European University alliance: onward and upward for Unite!

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Published : 5 December 2022

Following a successful three-year pilot phase, the Unite! European University alliance has moved onto the next stage in its development. Two new partners, in Austria and Poland, have come alongside the seven founding institutions (including Grenoble INP – UGA). The total number of students involved has grown from 180,000 to 280,000. Unite! has received €14 M in funding, with €1.4 M earmarked for the UGA campuses in Grenoble and Valence.
Current goals for Unite! include enriching and increasing the visibility of Metacampus, a digital platform hosting online courses, MOOCs, thematic workshops, PhD subjects, internship offers, and more. A number of scholarships and multi-partner research projects will be established in four main areas: renewable energy, AI, Industry 4.0 and entrepreneurship.


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