Multi-project circuit prototyping at CIME Nanotech

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Published : 5 December 2022

CIME* Nanotech now offers multi-project circuit prototyping, which significantly lowers fabrication costs. This new service rounds out the organization’s circuit design and validation activities.

In multi-project circuit prototyping, a single silicon wafer is used to prototype circuits for up to thirty clients, who each purchase a tiny amount of space on the wafer. This approach dramatically lowers the cost of R&D, increasing accessibility for a wide range of clients.

CIME Nanotech began offering this service for academic research labs and manufacturers in November. Two to three manufacturing runs will be sent to a foundry each year. CMOS, RF, photonic, and power circuit prototypes can be fabricated. “We were already providing design and validation services, so we now cover the whole value chain: This is unique in France,” says director Ahmad Bsiesy.

Exclusive access to STMicroelectronics technology

The Grenoble center enjoys exclusive access to design kits from STMicroelectronics, alongside those of other European foundries. It also handles electrical and radiofrequency validation testing. A 220 Ghz HF characterization bench, unique in France, covers 5G, 6G, and LiDAR system specifications.

Another advantage of working with CIME is accessibility: Unlike ILL or ESRF, CIME does not impose a selection process, as long as the project passes a simple technical validation step designed to ensure that a planned circuit can be fabricated and will work as intended.

* Inter-University Center for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, a Grenoble INP – UGA technology platform.

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