The MINATEC campus has dedicated special-events facilities, ranging from 20-person conference rooms to a 400-seat amphitheater. These spaces are available to researchers for their scientific events, and are also used to promote MINATEC’s micro and nanotechnologies research.

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MINATEC staff members handle the organizational aspects of these events, offering a slate of “MINATEC Events” services from which partners can choose:

  • Event needs analysis and specifications
  • Facilities management during the event (access, audiovisual equipment, foreign language interpreting, etc.)
  • Catering
  • Price quotes for catering, exhibit booths, and other event services
  • Financial management of the event, including budgeting and grant applications
  • Preparation of event information packs
  • Hotel and shuttle reservations
  • Organization of evening events at MINATEC and elsewhere

The MINATEC team provides services for tens of major events per year, including MINATEC Crossroads, which brings in 1,000 participants over five days.


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