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January 01 2023

Study of self-healing mechanisms for embedded systems

While topics around protection mechanisms or threat detection are currently well covered, post-attack repair is still not very present in the scientific literature. Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to identify solutions to restore critical functions or tasks of an embedded device after the detection of an unwanted event (due to a malicious attack […] >>

January 01 2023

Advanced side channel applied on post-quantum cryptography

The development of quantum computing threatens asymmetric cryptography. To address this threat, post-quantum cryptography (PQC) schemes, i.e. based on quantum computer resistant problems, have been proposed. The third round of the NIST PQC competition ended on July 5, 2022. The CRYSTALS-Kyber algorithm was selected for standardization. The history of cryptographic algorithms standardization shows that it […] >>

January 01 2023

Neural Architecture Search for Binary Neural Networks on In-Memory Computing

Edge Artificial Intelligence and low-level Computer Vision is now massively deployed at the near-sensor level in order to further extend the capabilities of smart embedded imaging systems. This near-sensor intelligence typically allows 1000x gains by capping data transmission, thus improving energy efficiency. The In-Memory Computing (IMC) paradigm offers the opportunity to optimize processing architectures thanks […] >>

October 11 2019

Determining Electron Wave Functions and Object Potentials in Transmission Electron Microscopy: improvement of algorithms

Up to now transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was more focused on producing images or diffraction patterns of objects. Of course, some pioneering techniques like holography or focal series or ptychography have tried to reconstruct the electron waves functions at the exit surface of the observed objects, but their results and applications were quite limited or, […] >>
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