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October 27 2023

Photonic physical unclonable functions for secure neuromorphic accelerators.

PHOTONIC PHYSICAL UNCLONABLE FUNCTIONS FOR SECURE NEUROMORPHIC PHOTONIC ACCELERATORS Application deadline  : FRIDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2023 The rising needs of processing information at the edge for low latency, high speeds, and energy efficiency purposes leveraging edge-computing as well as IoT devices (75 billion expected by 2025) for data collection and processing demands for more robust […] >>

October 25 2023

Optical characterization and optical communication experiment

                                                         Master 2  Internship            Optical characterization and optical communication experiment   Recent technological developments opened the way to exploitable systems operating at ultra-high frequencies (100GHz and above). Several applications such as next generation wireless communication systems, spectroscopes and Radars require continuous radio signals. Electrical sources, although having exceptional properties, struggle to access very […] >>

May 24 2019

Investigating the polarity related properties of well-ordered ZnO nanowires for piezoelectric devices: The issue of defects & hydrogen

Topic: The development of semiconductor nanowires (NWs) is of great basic and technological interests owing to their high aspect ratio at nanoscale dimensions, giving rise to novel, remarkable properties, as well as a broad range of potential applications. Among them, ZnO as an abundant and biocompatible compound semiconductor with attractive properties has been receiving increasing […] >>
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