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April 18 2023

Integrated Photonic on glass for THz Frequency Generation

  PhD position Integrated Photonic on glass for THz Frequency Generation The thesis will focus on the development of co-integrated Glass DFB Lasers for THz generation and  the demonstration to high speed communications. Several advanced applications, such as next wireless  communication system (6G and beyond), spectroscopes and radars require high purity radio frequency  signals. These […] >>

August 26 2022

Strain driven Group IV photonic devices: applications to light emission and detection

Straining the cristal lattice of a semiconductor is a very powerfull tool enabling controlling many properties such as its emission wavelength, its mobility…Making strain amplification microstructures is a rather recent technique allowing accumulating very significant amounts of strain in a micronic constriction, such as a microbridge (up to 4.9% for Ge [1]), which deeply drives […] >>

December 15 2020

Development of Atomic Force Microscopy techniques for the characterization of piezoelectric semiconductor materials – Applications in energy conversion

Description of the project: Semiconductor piezoelectric nanowires (NWs) (GaN and ZnO among others) have improved piezoelectric properties compared to thin films and bulk materials, due to their greater flexibility and sensitivity to lower forces. An intrinsic improvement in piezoelectric coefficients has also been identified by recent theoretical and experimental studies [1, 2]. These NWs can […] >>
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