News : Energy efficiency for smart buildings, electrical mobility and industrial processes

January 01 2023

Modelling of device aging for energy conversion : toward predictive maintenance of power converters ?

The conversion of electrical energy is currently a major issue within our societies, whether to reduce losses, to allow the integration of a maximum of renewable energy from wind or solar power or to have cleaner mobility (electric vehicles, whatever their size, individual or collective), in industry as well as in the residential sector. The […] >>

January 01 2023

Inductor less DC/DC isolated converter

The aim of this thesis is to design high-efficiency power converters based on resonating piezoelectric transducers. A large part of the work is to develop the electrical cycle able to energetically maintain the piezoelectric resonator in resonance and ensure zero-voltage switching, for electrical energy transfer from the source to the piezoelectric resonator or from the […] >>
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