Interview: Anna Choulier Renström, Leti

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Published : 5 December 2016

What is Leti’s strategy for CES 2017?

Our booth will be twice as big as last year’s. We will showcase three interactive demonstrator systems that will let visitors experience and test our technologies and understand the technologies’ features.

Three startups will be coming with us: e-Lichens, with us in 2016; Moovlab, which was just created; and Sublimed, a Liten startup that illustrates Grenoble’s innovation model very well.

Leti is exhibiting for the second time. What are your goals?

We really want to raise our profile and let the world know about what we do. We will sell our strengths, both to potential corporate R&D partners and to investors. We are positioning ourselves as a source for world-class technological innovation and a startup accelerator. We also have a PR strategy in place. We will be on-site two days before the event opens to meet with journalists from around the world.

Do you expect to bring home any new R&D contracts?

It takes years to make a name for yourself. Then you have to prove your worth. The first step is to pursue the communications strategy we rolled out last year and that our representatives in the United States have been hard at work on.

Our startups, however, can expect faster returns on the event. At CES 2016, for example, e-Lichens and Aryballe Technologies met with high-level decision makers. Since then, both companies have entered into advanced talks with potential corporate partners and investors.



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