Interview: Stéphane Renard, Founder and CTO, Tronics Microsystems

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Published : 3 April 2017

Tronics Microsystems was founded in 1997. Can you tell us how it all came about?
During the 1990s, Leti had developed innovative sensor technologies for several manufacturers looking to create products like accelerometers and pressure sensors using these technologies and penetrate new high-growth markets. At the time, I also wanted to seize the opportunity. So I founded Tronics as a Leti spinoff.

What has helped to make Tronics so successful?
The primary factor is without a doubt technology. Tronics has leveraged Leti research and patents to manufacture its MEMS. However, Tronics also managed to build a team of engineers combining manufacturing know-how and cutting-edge technological expertise. The company has had its ups and downs over the past two decades, but we have always been able to adapt to change and keep growing.

What is your take on Epcos’ (a TDK Group Company) recent acquisition of Tronics?
It marks a major step forward. Our startup grew into a listed mid-cap company, and now we are part of a major international corporation.
By acquiring a majority stake in Tronics, Epcos will gain access to the growing inertial sensor—and, more broadly, MEMS—markets. The acquisition is also evidence of the company’s desire to open a location in the Grenoble area. The people at Epcos are well aware of the value here in terms of know-how and innovation. The acquisition is a really positive sign for the future, both for Leti and Tronics!



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