MRAM radiation-induced error correction improves

Categorie(s) : Research

Published : 5 February 2018

Spintec recently came up with a new asynchronous MRAM circuit structure that is more robust in space environments. Generally, the risk of errors induced by ionizing particles is managed by tripling the chains of functional blocks and by using a “majority vote” of the three results of the three identical circuits. Spintec has brought the three circuits down to two by using asynchronous techniques. If the results of the two circuits are different, the circuit is put on “pause” only at the location where the error is detected. The affected block repeats the calculation until the error dissipates and the two results are similar. The lag time is compatible with the properties of asynchronous circuits. A patent was filed to protect the innovation, which is the fruit of a PhD research project at CEA/CNES.


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