Design of 2D Matrix For Silicum Quantum computing with Validation by Simulation

Published : 1 January 2023

The objective is to design a 2D matrix structure for quantum computing on silicon in order to consider structures of several hundred physical Qubits.

In particular the subject will be focused on:

– The functionality of the structure (Coulomb interaction, RF and quantum)

– Manufacturing constraints (simulation and realistic process constraint)

– The variability of the components (Taking into account the variability parameter and realistic defectivity)

– The constraints induced on the algorithms (error correction code)

– Scalability of the structure to thousands of physical Qubits

The candidate will work within a project of more than fifty people with expertise covering the design, fabrication, characterization and modeling of spin qubits as well as related disciplines (cryoelectronics, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, …)

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