Microfluidic biocatalysis

Published : 1 January 2023

The overall objective of the project is to propose a new mode of biocatalytic production based on continuous flow and combining macro and micro-fluidics. The aim is to develop a biocatalysis process involving fluidic bioreactors capable of ensuring continuous biotransformation, thanks to immobilized enzymes or whole cell catalysts. This process will be optimized to improve the efficiency of enzymatic reactions on the one hand and to obtain important production capacities on the other hand. Two types of enzymes will be studied, nitrilases and ketoreductases.

First, the candidate will be responsible for the search for robust enzymes for the target reactions and screening on the defined substrates. He or she will be responsible for the development of reaction conditions in isolated enzymes and whole cells and the determination of apparent kinetics. Then, he/she will be in charge of setting up the biocatalysis operating conditions and the immobilization of the biocatalyst in versatile continuous reactors.

This subject is carried out between two departments of the CEA (Direction of Fundamental Research/IBFJ/Genoscope in Evry and Direction of Technological Research/Leti in Grenoble).

The candidate will work in pair with a PhD student on the design of the biocatalytic reactor and the scaling up of the biocatalytic process.

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