Nano-imaging with deep neural networks

Published : 1 January 2023

The postdoctoral research project is part of a five-year ERC-funded project called CARINE (Coherent diffrAction foR a Look Inside NanostructurEs towards atomic resolution: catalysis and interfaces – to develop and apply new coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) capabilities. We want to develop and apply machine learning and, more generally, data science approaches for imaging and characterisation of nanoscale systems. Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging is a strong new tool to probe the structure of nanomaterials in a non-destructive way with a spatial resolution of 10 nm. The reconstruction problem, known as “phase retrieval”, is typically solved by iterative algorithms that do not always converge. Machine learning will be applied to different tasks like e.g. phase retrieval, super-resolution, phase unwrapping, etc, to unambiguously reverse the diffraction patterns and image the structure of 3D object with nm-resolution.

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