2-dimensional ferromagnets for spintronics: growth and transport in van der Waals multilayers

Published : 18 October 2019

Research on graphene and 2D materials is currently very dynamic, as these materials show high potential for future 2D electronics. Due to their high surface-to-volume ratio and unique electronic structure, 2D materials show radically new proximity effects when they are combined into multilayers. Very recently, the first 2D ferromagnets have been discovered. This opens important opportunities for spintronics, in particular for making energy saving magnetic memories. The project aims at pioneering the fabrication of 2D ferromagnets with molecular beam epitaxy, a technique used to grow high quality materials and multilayers. The student will also employ various experimental techniques to perform material and magnetic characterizations. We will then study multilayers combining these films and other 2D materials such as transition metal dichalcogenides (PtSe2, MoSe2, WTe2, etc.) and topological insulators (Bi2Se3, BiSbTe3). By using magnetotransport and optical measurements, we will investigate proximity effects and demonstrate the electrical control of magnetization in all-2D spintronics devices.

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