Magnetic MRAM memory and magnetic field sensor: multi-functionality for 3D assembly

Published : 22 October 2019

Magnetic non-volatile memory (MRAM) is a technology being developed at Spintec. This type of memory associates non-volatility with fast switching of the order of ns. Switching the magnetization direction the storage layer results in cell resistance changes that can be greater than 100%. This switching depends on the application of a current pulse and also the presence of a magnetic field. It is thus possible to write a bit ‘1’ or ‘0’ according to the polarity of the applied current if the current density is higher than the switching threshold. To achieve a multifunctional cell, capable of storing information and also of detecting a magnetic field, it is possible to apply a measurement procedure patented by our laboratory. The purpose of the internship will be to validate the operating principle and determine the critical parameters that limit the resolution of the memory in field sensor mode. We will subsequently optimize the measurement procedure to optimize it in terms of speed and sensitivity. The temperature dependence of the sensor characteristics will also be studied. Potential applications of this concept would be for example in the high precision alignment of dye-wafer required for 3D assembly, widely used in microelectronics to reduce the surface area of ​​chips in smartphone devices.

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