Modeling of spin Hall induced domain wall dynamics in core-shell nanowires

Published : 22 October 2019

Recent progress in domain wall nucleation and its control in nanostructures with tubular shape [see Figure 1] makes them fascinating objects for fundamental research as well as for data storage advanced technologies. In these systems the interplay between magnetization and 3D properties results in novel physical phenomena such as unconventional spin textures, additional energy terms due to curvature or spin wave non-reciprocity. Three-dimensional spintronics exploits the interaction of magnetization with spin polarized currents in such cylindrical objects in view of designing the 3D building blocks for magnetic storage devices. The advancements of experimental techniques in this field in our laboratory offer new challenges for theory and modeling. To simulate non-trivial 3D magnetic textures and the impact of current on its dynamics in cylindrical geometries we have developed the multipurpose micromagnetic finite element C++ software [1] jointly in Spintec and Néel Institute. Our software is permanently enlarged with new physics to accompany experimental development. This internship is an excellent opportunity to get familiar with finite element modeling and contribute to the development of the multi-physics software for spintronics.

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