Operando characterization of batteries using synchrotron tomography and neutron imaging techniques

Published : 11 October 2019

The in situ characterization of battery materials is needed to help designing safer and more efficient electrochemical devices. In particular, following in real-time the lithiation and ageing mechanisms require to use advanced non-destructive tools capable to probe the system during cycling. In this regard, synchrotron and neutron techniques provide unique capabilities to access the chemical, morphological and structural changes inside the electrodes and electrolytes at the relevant lengthscales, from molecular level to nano-, meso and micro-scales. In our team, we focus on developing advanced methodologies to probe in real-time different types of Li-ion batteries, for instance silicon-based anodes or solid-state electrolytes. The aim of the internship will be to perform some experiments at the European facilities ESRF and/or ILL and analyse the data, with particular focus on tomography/imaging techniques to obtain the 3D morphology and structure.

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