Probing nonlinear spin fluctuations at the nanoscale using spin-dependent transport

Published : 18 October 2019

In the field of spintronics, spin correlations due to sd exchange and spin-orbit interactions have attracted considerable attention, facilitating advances in basic physics along with the emergence of closely related applications. One of the related effect is known as the inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE), and is commonly used for spin-charge conversion in devices. The object of this experimental internship is to demonstrate the decisive exacerbating impact on the ISHE of non-linear spin fluctuations near magnetic phase transitions. Conversely, we will investigate how efficient the ISHE can be as a detector of these fluctuations in materials of different magnetic types: ferro- and antiferro-magnets. This internship will benefit from two SPINTEC teams’ knowhow and state of the art techniques of fabrication and characterization at the nanoscale.

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