RF characterization of magnetite powders

Published : 17 December 2019


   IEPT or Master’s Internship – 2020
         RF characterization of magnetite powders  


Keywords :
Magnetic particles, RF characterization of materials, materials properties, electromagnetic and physical modeling

Lab :
Institut de Microélectronique, Electromagnétisme et Photonique – Laboratoire d’Hyperfréquences et de Caractérisation
IMEP-LaHC, Minatec – 3, parvis Louis Néel, BP 257, 38 016 GRENOBLE Cedex 1
IMEP-LaHC is a public research unit (CNRS/Grenoble INP/UGA/USMB) of 180 people involved in several research topics such as micro and nano-electronics, photonics and microwaves.

Duration :
6 months

Directors :
Pr. VUONG Tan-Phu, tan-phu.vuong@grenoble-inp.fr,
Pr. XAVIER Pascal, pascal.x avier@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr ,

Company :
LE BOUTEILLER Philippe, philippe.le-bouteiller @ hymagin.com

1. Context
HYMAG’IN produces an iron oxide powder, magnetite, and wishes to market it for various applications using its magnetic properties. HYMAG’IN seeks to characterize the intrinsic magnetic properties of its products, but also the properties of materials prepared by incorporating magnetite powder at different charge rates into clay, epoxy resin, paint and other matrices. Complex permeability is one of these properties in frequency ranges from MHz to a few GHz.
HYMAG’IN produces different types of magnetites, which differ from each other in their physico-chemical properties: distribution of sizes, shapes, chemical compositions. These various parameters are likely to impact the magnetic properties of the powders and materials in which they are incorporated.
By measuring the magnetic properties of different powders, HYMAG’IN therefore wishes to understand the impact of these different parameters and thus be able
to answer questions such as: How to optimize magnetite and/or formulation to maximize permeability?
Finally, HYMAG’IN wishes to compare the properties of its products with other materials already used in the applications under consideration, such as ferrites of different types. Comparative measurements must therefore be carried out with commercial products, powders or materials already formulated.
The IMEP-LaHC laboratory is providing its expertise and characterization resources to set up this study.
HYMAG’IN provides external support for the completion of this internship provided by Philippe Le Bouteiller.

2. Purpose of the internship
The internship will cover the following aspects:

  • Bibliography and theoretical approach to the magnetic behaviour of magnetite;
  • Evaluation of the feasibility and relevance of direct measurement on powders;
  • Implementation of measurement protocols on materials incorporating magnetite powders, and on powders directly, if necessary;
  • Performing measurements: samples of different magnetites, and materials at different charge rates;
  • Comparative measurements with materials already on the market: benchmark ;
  • Reflection on possible applications in the fields covered by the laboratory: electronics, space.

Please email your application (CV and cover letter) to the Directors indicated above

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