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December 15 2020

Development of Atomic Force Microscopy techniques for the characterization of piezoelectric semiconductor materials – Applications in energy conversion

Description of the project: Semiconductor piezoelectric nanowires (NWs) (GaN and ZnO among others) have improved piezoelectric properties compared to thin films and bulk materials, due to their greater flexibility and sensitivity to lower forces. An intrinsic improvement in piezoelectric coefficients has also been identified by recent theoretical and experimental studies [1, 2]. These NWs can […] >>

September 19 2016

Electron quantum transport simulation of 2D material based devices

PhD position 2016­-2019 The application must be received before June 27th 2016   PROJECT DESCRIPTION Since the discovery of graphene, many other layered materials have been synthetized. Among them, we mention the X­enes (silicene…), the X­anes (stanane…) and the transition metal dichalcogenides (molybdenum disulfite…). Depending on their composition and layering, these materials have very different […] >>
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