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April 24 2019

Development of an LCD SLM in IPS configuration for AR / VR applications

Today, the field of display is increasingly oriented towards applications such as augmented reality headphones (HMD) or head-up vision (HUD. In general, these devices use a micro-screen combined with an optical system for projecting an image on a specific surface in the case of an HUD, or directly on the eye in the case of […] >>

April 12 2019

III-V materials etch process development for power device application

Formation of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in AlGaN/GaN heterostructrures is the key-point for successful development of GaN-based power-electronics such as High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) and diodes. Plasma-etching steps are considered as critical in fabrication for such devices. The aim of this thesis is to understand the etch mechanism of III-V materials using traditional […] >>

April 08 2019

Transparent electrodes based on silver nanowires-nanocellulose: from fundamental aspects to device integration

A phD position is offered between LMGP and LGP2 laboratories. The appointment has a fixed duration of 36 months, starting 01/10/2019. You will be hired in the framework of a Regional project (2018-2023) called “Eternité” and dealing with research and development devoted to optically transparent materials and electrical conductors that has attracted growing interest in […] >>

March 29 2019

Novel electronic devices using ionic liquid-gated 2D nanomaterials

Two-dimensional van der Waals nanomaterials constitute an extremely active research field. Field-effect transistors (FETs) can be built with a 2D semiconductor channel (e.g., MoS2) gated using an ionic liquid (IL) electrolyte in a configuration called an IL-FET. ILs are molten salts at room temperature. Many ILs are (electro)chemically stable and non-volatile thus safe. In IL-FETs […] >>

March 28 2019

Long-range dynamic interaction between insulating ferromagnetic films mediated by phonons

The proposed research project inserts itself in the emerging field of insulator spintronics whose vision is to fully replace the moving electrical charge with the friction-free propagation of the spin degree of freedom using electrical insulators. In this novel paradigm, low damping magnetic insulators are good spin-conductors by allowing the long-range propagation of the spin […] >>
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