Low frequency Wireless Power Transfer to Power Remote Wireless Sensor Nodes

Published : 1 January 2023

Wireless power transmission technologies (WPT) are rapidly expanding, particularly for wireless charging of electrical systems (mobile phones, electric cars, etc.) but also for powering centimeter-scale wireless sensor nodes. The aim of the thesis is to study the performance and optimization of a new electrodynamic system concept recently proposed in our laboratory. The operation of this centimeter-scale receiver system is based on the rotation or vibration of a magnet within a coil, thanks to the variable magnetic field of the transmitter. The interest is to take advantage of the benefits of these two modes to increase the compactness and maturity of the technology (mechanical robustness, increased transmission ranges, increased power densities …). In this context, the thesis will consist in developing and testing the performances of the system by proposing and optimizing various topologies (geometries, materials, etc.). The candidate will develop analytical and numerical models to identify the influencing parameters of the system and compare its performances to the literature (ranges, power densities, orientation sensitivity). The impact of a reduction of its dimensions will also be part of the scientific expectations of this thesis. A joint optimization of the electromechanical system and its associated electronics will lead to a complete wireless power transmission system.

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