Novel optical systems for laser chip to photonic circuit coupling – Applications for sensor and LIDARs

Published : 1 January 2023

The development of silicon photonics technology has made it possible to integrate numerous photonic functions on the same chip, as close as possible to electronic functions, allowing the miniaturization of components in the fields of datacoms, telecoms and optical sensors. However, optical communication from chip to chip remains a key point to be developed (in the case of functions that cannot yet be integrated on silicon or an architectural need at the system level, for example).

Today, the available solutions are based on micro-optical techniques that do not meet the needs of emerging applications (LIDAR, High Performance Computing, etc.)

The goal of this thesis is to develop one or more optical coupling solutions, combining “guided optics” and optical packaging (assembly of optical chips or optical components on chips), by the joint design of the coupling interfaces (gradient optics, free form optics, metaoptics…) and the photonic chips themselves. For this purpose, design studies will be performed in a first step, assisted by softwares calculating wavefront propagation, or performing finite element calculations (COMSOL, Optic Studio…) and Monte Carlo simulations. The proposed concepts will then be developed based on microelectronics technologies, in association with emerging ones in the field of photonics (nano-imprint lithography, additive manufacturing…) that will be evaluated by their relevance.

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