Opto-microfluidic system for ultra-sensitive quantitative analysis: application to the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases

Published : 1 January 2023

The DTBS at Leti develops new technologies to invent tomorrow’s medical diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in collaboration with public hospitals and universities. Inside this department, the LSMB lab gathers a multidisciplinary team to design and produce microfluidic systems for healthcare and biology applications. In collaboration with researchers from IRIG, the lab has set-up an innovative method for biomarkers detection (oligonucleotides, proteins …) based on aptamers and/or antibodies coupled with magnetic beads and using an isothermal amplification (LAMP). Different protocol steps are currently integrated inside a digital microfluidic chip. To increase the detection sensitivity, integrated detection is critical. The proposed PhD work is therefore focused on the development of an ultra-sensitive simultaneous quantitative analysis of various blood biomarkers using an integrated opto-fluidic system. Scientific questions and challenges deal with the coupling of several microfluidic technologies with compact microscopy to achieve multiplex quantitation of target biomarkers. This new approach will be implemented in the context of cardiovascular diseases, with the measurement of troponin (myocardial infarction) and NTproBNP peptide (heart failure). It will open novel perspectives for the future of healthcare, needing sensitive, rapid, robust, integrated and portable analysis devices.

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