Resonant antenna sensors for harsh environments

Published : 1 January 2023

Microsystems sensors (MEMS) are the interface between the physical world and the digital world, and they are present today in most components and systems. A major challenge is the development of sensors that can be interrogated remotely, without electronic circuits or batteries, which will make it possible to envisage new applications as for example in harsh environments (high temperature, explosive atmosphere) or difficult to access. CEA-LETI, through the diversity of its research laboratories, is now implementing several strategies combining codesign of microsystem sensors, miniature antennas and complete systems. The proposed thesis will focus both on the design of one or several resonant sensors, on the design of the antenna (miniature or not) on which they will be integrated and on the implementation of a system for interrogating these antenna-sensors. The first stages of development of the sensors and the interrogation system will take advantage of the resonant behaviour of MEMS sensors in order to set up a measurement method making it possible to overcome the electromagnetic physical limits of current passive and wireless sensors (mainly the reading range).

The candidate will join a mixed team with members of the CEA-LETI microsystems sensor laboratory and the CEA-LETI antenna laboratory to take the first steps in the design of a new generation of remotely interrogable sensors.

A good understanding of the physics of the microsystems component and the antenna will be necessary to carry out this project, which is highly multidisciplinary.

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