Simulation of the performances of field effect transistors based on 2D materials

Published : 1 January 2023

As the performances of the transistor are approaching their physical limits, developing semiconductor technology with novel concepts and materials is a major focus of the microelectronics research and industry. In recent years, MOSFETs fabricated with semiconducting 2D transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) channels have been identified as promising candidates to reach the ultimate gate length scaling, both for high performance and low power applications. However, 2D material technology is still posing several challenges such as reducing the channel variability, controlling the doping of source and drain, and lowering the contact resistances.

Advanced simulations accounting for these limitations are needed to assess realistic 2D-FET performances and propose technological improvements. This PhD project aims at developing and exploiting such simulations, using TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) combined with ab initio and quantum transport simulation. The goal is to improve our understanding of the physics of 2D-FETs and to provide an accurate TCAD framework allowing their technological optimization.

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