Study of the anisotropy of dopant and compositional gradients in the reference ternary alloy for infrared detection

Published : 1 January 2023

This thesis concerns the field of HgCdTe infrared detectors for astrophysical applications, for which the Infrared Laboratory of CEA -Leti is a world leader.

The student will join the infrared laboratory which includes the entire detector manufacturing process. He will produce the samples using the technological means of elaboration available in the Leti clean room. In particular, the definition of areas with a controlled gradient of doping and cadmium concentration will be carried out by ion implantation and heat treatment.

These samples will then be studied at the ESRF synchrotron using two advanced techniques: Laue micro-diffraction and X-ray micro-absorption. These techniques will make it possible to simultaneously map, at the submicron scale, the local stress, the chemical composition and the oxidation state of the elements. The objective is to understand the mechanisms behind the anisotropic behavior of the structures of interest.

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