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Cleaning and wet etching processes for metal contact formation on III-V and Ge materials

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0122

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

Continued performance scaling of silicon MOS transistors meets immense challenges at sub-10 nm. Therefore, scaling-free technologies are now strongly needed to achieve further improvement of CMOS devices. A number of non-silicon channel materials have been considered for advanced CMOS devices such as SiGe or Ge (PMOS) as well as various III-V materials combinations including InGaAs, GaAs, InAs (NMOS).


Radiolocation Algorithms Adapted to High-Precision Ultra Wideband Rake Receivers Using Multiple Antennas

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-1136

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

Making possible unprecedented user-centric services (monitoring/smart inventory of personal goods from a smartphone, context-aware indoor navigation, etc.), new radiolocation capabilities appeared in wireless networks are on the verge of modifying in depth our daily life and habits. This revolution might even be comparable to that of GSM cellular communications or GPS-based car navigation in the past.


Modular Emission Tomography System based on CdZnTe detectors

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0586

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

The Detector laboratory is developing semiconductor radiation detector based systems for medical imaging (radiology, X-CT, SPECT) and safety applications (baggage inspection, nuclear safety). It has been shown that the improvement of signal processing techniques allows to extract for each detected photon several physical parameters: energy, 3D positioning and timestamp.


New porous materials in the form of nanofibers

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0572

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

Discovered in the early 1900's, electrospinning is a long-known polymer processing technique that has recently been rediscovered. It allows for the creation of nanofibers (fibers with a diameter well in the realm of nano dimensions) that can be collected to form a non-woven fabric. The resulting material can be applied to create many products including medical devices, tissue engineering scaffolds, clothing and filtration media.

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