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Message Passing Iterative Decoders based on Imprecise Arithmetic for Multi-Objective Power-Area-Delay Optimization

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0562

Start date: 1 Mar 2014

Due to the erroneous nature of communication channels, error correcting codes are essential to any communication system, no matter the way the information is transported. However, these error-correction mechanisms require intensive computing tasks that turn into a critical bottleneck both in terms of throughput and power consumption.


Hardware virtualization of Input-Output Peripherals in micro-servers for Big-Data applications.

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0498

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

Massively parallel computer servers have experienced strong growth since the 70s. Initially dedicated to high performance computing (Cray and CDC Super Computers) and telecommunications (first e-mail computer servers in 1975), many servers are nowadays used for the storage and processing of information (eg. Google, Facebook ...). With the increase in size of these servers, power consumption has become a major concern.


3D Video Lensfree Microscopy of 3D culture of cells

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0464

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

The passage of the cell culture monolayers (2D) to three-dimensional cultures (3D) now allows us to study in vitro functions of living tissue. Video-microscopy without lens that we have developed for monitoring 2D culture of cells should be refined to fully extract the potentials that lie in 3D culture of cells. Work will focus on the experimental method, instrumentation and holographic 3D reconstruction algorithms.


Sub 100 nm resolution 3D Imprinting/patterning process development for microelectronics, MEMS and optoelectronics applications

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0607

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

NanoImprint Lithography, based on the use of a nanopatterned stamp, has been developed to 2D or advantageously 3D (discrete or analog) patterns within polymer layer. Transferring these patterns within the underlying active layer or substrate without affecting the exact shapes and dimensions remains still challenging. During this thesis, a disruptive approach, based on localized plasma treatment, will be investigated to perform such transfer.

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