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Flexible piezoelectric transducers based on self-organised GaN nanowires

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0415

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

The aim of the PhD thesis is to design and fabricate piezoelectric transducers based on GaN nanowires obtained by directed growth and integrated into a flexible technology. The candidate will carry out studies on both the fundamental level – on the material – and the R&D level – on the effect of the mechanical deformation of the wires which will enable high performing device optimisation.


Investigation of innovative transistor architectures for sub-7nm CMOS

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0488

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

The context of the thesis concerns the main topics of micro-nanoelectronics and the understanding of the physics involved in nano-transistors beyond 7nm node. This means to study devices with gate length below 10nm with three main challenges:

- Electrostatic control of CMOS transistors which determines the static and dynamic power consumption

- Performance related to the tradeoff between ON state current and parasitic capacitances

- Variability control for logic


Open-surface microfluidics for portable diagnostic systems and cell biology

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0383

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

Open-surface microfluidics, i.e. microflows in open grooves etched in a substrate, has been gaining momentum recently. The physics of such capillary flows is presently a topic of study. Two application domains are targeted: portable diagnostic systems and cell biology.


III-V material integration by layer transfer for 3D architectures

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0480

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

The Advanced Substrate Laboratory (LSA) is specialized in the development of innovative substrates and architectures and has an international reputation in this field. During the last 20 years, the laboratory has been developing innovative substrates in terms of materials and dimensions enabling key technological developments in electronics, radio frequency, optronics or photovoltaics.

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