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Correction of scatter radiation in spectral tomographic imaging

Offer N°: SL-DRT-16-0670

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

X-ray imaging is a well-known technique used in the medical diagnostic domain, testing of industrial samples, and security. Conventional X-ray detectors provide a signal proportional to the energy of photons deposited into the detector, integrated on the total energy range.


Ion-beam-induced migration of HgCdTe dopants and application to p-n junction formation

Offer N°: SL-DRT-16-0649

Start date: 1 Sep 2016

HgCdTe crystal is a semiconductor material with the unusual feature to be highly ion-beam sensitive. This thesis proposal covers the specificity of this material to exhibit a migration of dopants under ion-beam irradiation. This specificity, demonstrated for some dopants of HgCdTe, is of major technological interest by letting foreseen the possibility to finely tune p-n junction.


III-V materials etch process development for power device application

Offer N°: SL-DRT-16-0299

Start date: 1 Sep 2016

Power devices are now widely used in new technologies like photovoltaic, electrical cars…. The use of III-V materials allowed to strongly improve these device performances. But one of the most critical challenge in the realization of such structures is the precise etching (without damage) of III-V films.

The goal of the proposed thesis is first to study the III-V materials etch mechanism using conventional etch chemistries and understand the damage induced by these chemistries.


Electrical characterization and study of carrier transport in new generation transistors fabricated from III-V materials (InGaAs)

Offer N°: SL-DRT-16-0319

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

The topic of this thesis is related to the Research effort in more Moore domain to pursue CMOS technology nodes beyond 7nm.

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