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Wireless systems buried in complex environments: power transfer and localization

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0665

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

Inductive loop antennas are often used in remote power supply of smart object (power pads of smartphones) or vehicles through the air. Used in RFID HF near field applications, they can provide simultaneously power supply and communication links between tags and reader. Moreover, in more recent applications, they can also be used to localize buried tags.


Self alignment processes of chips and their application to Silicon Photonics Devices

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-1164

Start date: 1 Sep 2014

Silicon Photonics is one of the most promising technology for next generation telecom and datacom systems (e.g. High Performances Computing). This technology enables very complex Photonic Integrated Circuits to be designed and manufactured on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers, including light emission, modulation, propagation, filtering, and detection. In addition, semiconductor manufacturing lines are used to process the devices, leading to high accuracy and yields.


Study and implementation of new GaN bidirectional transistors in high-performance power electronic structures

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0664

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

In recent years, significant progress has been made on new material: Silicon Carbide (SiC) , gallium nitride (GaN ) and Diamond. The JFET and MOSFET SiC components are more suited to high voltage while the GaN components can compete with silicon components up to 600V or 1200V . For the latter, the lateral technology makes it easier to achieve bidirectional current and voltage components without significantly degrading the state.


Development of directed self-assembly process using high-resolution block copolymers for the next generation lithography in sub-10nm CMOS technology

Offer N°: SL-DRT-14-0636

Start date: 1 Oct 2014

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