1967–2017: Leti celebrates 50 years

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Published : 6 February 2017

Leti’s 50th anniversary celebrations kicked off on February 2 with a party on the ground floor of Maison MINATEC. The entire local innovation community was invited to come and celebrate with Leti and visit a special 50th-anniversary exhibit “Leti, pioneering micro- and nanotechnology.”

The second major event to mark Leti’s 50th year will be Leti Innovation Days at the end of June. This year, the event will be more exciting than ever, with theme-based group tours on June 29 that will include stops at major points of interest, presentations of demonstrator systems, and plenty of opportunities for questions and answers.

On September 30, Leti employees and their families will gather at the Château de Sassenage near Grenoble for a day of games and other activities.

In October, just a few days from Leti’s actual anniversary, a special Midi MINATEC brown-bag lunch lecture dedicated to Leti’s 50 years in operation will close out the year.


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