2012 Science Fair and Expérimenta pack a full house

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Published : 3 December 2012

This year’s Expérimenta arts, science, and design fair helped bring nearly 2,000 people to the simultaneously-held Science Fair at MINATEC on October 12−13, 2012. On the first day of the event, devoted to school groups, the organizers had to turn down 700 students and 80 teachers because there just simply was not enough room. The second day, for the general public, was just as popular, as more than 1,100 people flocked to the Science Fair to learn more about how technology influences design and the arts. T
The Expérimenta fair, which was coupled with the Science Fair for the first time ever, also included a “paper” program published and distributed by the Grenoble Science Education Center (CCSTI). The organizers would like to thank the MINATEC staff as well as all of the students and other staff who helped with the event.

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