3D integration meets 4G

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Published : 1 June 2012

The ultra-high bandwidth Wide I/O interface developed by Leti and ST-Ericsson will soon be used in a promising new way: to link two processors in a new system-on-chip, called MAG3D, for 4G telecoms applications. Incorporating the latest in 3D integration, MAG3D will deliver twice as much power as its predecessor, Magali, without having to go through a lower technology node.
Leti and ST-Ericsson are also working with STMicroelectronics to test the first batch of the WIOMING 3D application processor equipped with SDRAM—the first application of Wide I/O technology—which came out of the foundry in January 2012.
WIOMING is intended for use in high-end smartphones and tablet computers. Other applications for the Wide I/O interface could soon follow.

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