Tomorrow’s microdisplays will be curved

Categorie(s) : Industry, Research

Published : 5 February 2018

Why is it that the tiny screens on electronic devices like cameras and binoculars are flat when the devices’ lenses are curved? Researchers at Leti have been investigating the issue under the H2020 LOMID project. The goal is to come up with a one-inch-diagonal OLED display with a 45 mm curve radius by June. The team was successful with a 0.4-inch-diagonal display in 2017. The challenge was not so much making the circuit thinner (less than 100 µm) to make it flexible as it was handling it and protecting it from damage during the thinning processes. A protective varnish previously developed for a project with the DGA (France’s Directorate General for Armaments) was tested and proved effective. Additionally, the varnish appears to be a viable replacement for the glass cap generally used to protect OLEDs.


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