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February 2018

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EXPERIMENTA 2018: panel talks not to be missed

The Experimenta 2018 art and science fair will be held at Maison MINATEC on February 8–10, 2018. A total of 23...
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Drones get 360-degree collision protection

Leti showed off its anti-collision-system prototype for drones at CES 2018. The system is the world’s first to provide 360-degree protection...
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Breakthrough in magnetoencephalography from outer space

Researchers at Leti replaced SQUID* sensors with optically-pumped magnetometers used in space applications with the goal of slashing the cost of...
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Better Wi-Fi service on board Falcon jets

Making sure that the Wi-Fi on board a Falcon jet is working properly before the jet is delivered can be a...
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MRAM on stage at MINATEC this summer

The InMRAM 2014 summer school, organized by Spintec for the second year running, will be held at MINATEC on July 2–4....

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CMOS 300 mm qubits can take the heat

Following the excellent results obtained in 2017 on CMOS 300 mm qubits, INAC and Leti continue to push the envelope in...
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Top news

Chipless RFID tag wins €2 million European Research Council Consolidator Grant

Etienne Perret, a faculty member at Grenoble Institute of Technology and a research scientist at LCIS, an FMNT lab based in Valence, has just won a €2 million European Research Council Consolidator Grant for his chipless RFID tags.

The grant will allow Perret to hire PhD candidates and post-docs and purchase antenna characterization equipment. The bar-code-sized tags are printed with conductive ink. The target properties and cost price are situated somewhere between...

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Guillaume Jubien, a student at Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma and participant in the iGEM 2017 International Genetically Engineered Machine,

We can detect cholera with a lens, two filters, and a smartphone

Tell us about SnapLab, the project that originated in Grenoble and that won a gold medal at the iGEM finals at MIT.

SnapLab is a portable and very easy-to-use cholera test kit that can detect a sequence of nucleic acid in a stool sample and emit fluorescence if the bacteria responsible for cholera are present. SnapLab delivers results as reliable as those obtained with a spectrometer with only a lens, two...

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Tomorrow’s microdisplays will be curved

Why is it that the tiny screens on electronic devices like cameras and binoculars are flat when the devices’ lenses are...
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Tungsten pumps up STT-RAM

Researchers at INAC have substantially improved the properties of a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) by inserting a layer of tungsten 0.2...
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Could tin oxide replace indium tin oxide (ITO) in transparent electrodes?

Tin-oxide-doped indium oxide (ITO) is an excellent material for the transparent electrodes used in smartphone displays, OLED lighting, and other products....
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Telecommunications: BF-OFDM rolled out in the Orkney Islands

Bringing high-speed internet access to sparsely-populated rural areas can be a challenge when you only have access to non-contiguous frequency bands—unless...
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Wristband diagnoses sleep apnea at home

The indicators used to diagnose sleep apnea—heart and respiratory rates, stress, blood oxygen level—can now be measured at home with a...
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UV and IR photodetectors offer unrivalled performance

A team of researchers from INAC and Institut Néel developed UV and IR photodetectors offering unrivalled performance. The devices are based...
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Why nanowire beats thin film for piezoelectric potential

Why would a semiconductor material like zinc oxide (ZnO) offer better piezoelectric properties in nanowire form than as a thin film?...
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Graphene ultracapacitor achieves record performance

Researchers at INAC doped sheets of graphene with nitrogen in an ECR-CVD reactor,* obtaining a record atomic concentration of 17% nitrogen....
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Stevie Wonder a fan of the Enhancia connected ring

Grenoble startup Enhancia’s connected ring was a hit with international music icon Stevie Wonder, who tried it on at CES Las...
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€676 K awarded to five projects in First Step Challenge 2017

At the end of November the First Step Challenge jury selected five startups to receive funding. A total of €676,000 was...
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Leti researcher wins Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Jean-Michel Hartmann, Director of Research at Leti, recently won the Helmholtz International Fellow Award in recognition of more than a decade...
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The secret to great skin? Put down your mobile phone!

The artificial light from mobile phone displays has a damaging effect on the mitochondrial networks of dermal fibroblasts, according to a...
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Biomimetic thin films enter maturation phase

Could a startup be in the future for LMGP’s BioactiveCoatings research project? One positive sign is that the project has now...
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APIX Analytics ready to take on US and Asian markets

Startup APIX Analytics raised €8 million in late 2017 to speed up its development on international energy and environmental markets. The...
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3D-Oncochip: LMGP helps create microtumors

The IMBM research team led by Catherine Picart (LMGP) has built a strong reputation in the development of bioactive materials for...
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A gap year in the Amazon rainforest

Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma student Yoann Rey-Ricord, age 23, took a gap year in the Amazon rainforest to participate in a...
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The art and science of innovation marketing

Turning a complex technology into a product that meets real-world customer needs and finding a business model that actually makes money...
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92 teens expected for Scientifique, toi aussi ! science career day

On February 8, all CEA centers will host the 7th Scientifique, toi aussi ! [You, too, can be a scientist!] open...
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GreEn-Er students try their hand at beekeeping 2.0

Did you know that the roof of the GreEn-Er building has been home to two beehives since the spring of 2016?...
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Pierre Benech appointed Grenoble Institute of Technology President through 2020

Pierre Benech will succeed Brigitte Plateau as President of Grenoble Institute of Technology following Plateau’s appointment to a position with the...
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