€676 K awarded to five projects in First Step Challenge 2017

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Published : 5 February 2018

At the end of November the First Step Challenge jury selected five startups to receive funding. A total of €676,000 was awarded to the five projects, with individual amounts determined according to the maturity of the project and the needs expressed. Additional support could be awarded within three to six months.

In 2016 the projects selected to receive support focused mainly on software and services. This year’s First Step Challenge cohort is predominantly high-tech. Leti spawned four projects: optical transceivers with InP/Si lasers and integrated lenses for data centers (Scintil); an ultra-thin, low-cost microbattery (Thin Power); a touch information sensor (XSens); and a miniature power supply module (Ganips). The fifth project, submitted by a researcher from Liten, addresses complex microfluidic systems (Fluid’IC) leveraging a Leti technology.
Contact: stephane.fontanell@cea.fr

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