GreEn-Er students try their hand at beekeeping 2.0

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Published : 5 February 2018

Did you know that the roof of the GreEn-Er building has been home to two beehives since the spring of 2016? The bees are currently resting for the winter under close surveillance—because the hives are connected! The high-tech hives were built and equipped with instruments by Grenoble Institute of Technology-Ense3 students for a class project. The idea is to monitor the bees’ activity levels and health in real time. The hives are outfitted with temperature, humidity, weight, and noise sensors and could soon get their own webcams.

Bee Green, a nonprofit group, was set up in late 2016 to support this form of urban beekeeping “2.0”, an approach that couples innovation and the preservation of biodiversity. Last July the student beekeepers collected 15 kg of honey.

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