Drones get 360-degree collision protection

Categorie(s) : Life @ MINATEC, Research

Published : 5 February 2018

Leti showed off its anti-collision-system prototype for drones at CES 2018. The system is the world’s first to provide 360-degree protection from stationary and moving obstacles. Infrared laser sensors detect obstacles, while an algorithm implemented on a commercially-available microcontroller fuses the data and corrects the drone’s trajectory. The complete system weighs in at less than 40 grams and its response time, already under a second, will get even shorter with the next generation of laser sensors. The number of drones in service is increasing, and this system will help protect people and improve flight safety. The technology is covered by three patents and a fourth is in the works. The next step in the project could be to equip an entire fleet of drones with the system.

Contact: marie-sophie.masselot@cea.fr



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