3D-Oncochip: LMGP helps create microtumors

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Published : 5 February 2018

The IMBM research team led by Catherine Picart (LMGP) has built a strong reputation in the development of bioactive materials for bone reconstruction. Picart’s work on breast cancer, however, is not as well known. The scientist recently joined the three-year, €2.2 million 3D-Oncochip project, which is backed by the French Single Interministerial Fund and led by Lyon-based CTIBiotech. CTIBiotech specializes in the fabrication of 3D microtumors, which are human biological models of real tumors. The company would now like to scale up its production to several hundred chips. The next step will be to design the structure that will contain the cancer cells and coat it with a material that will promote the growth and stability of the resulting microtumors. LMGP’s polyelectrolytes will play this role.
Contact: nico.forraz@ctibiotech.com

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