EXPERIMENTA 2018: panel talks not to be missed

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Published : 5 February 2018

The Experimenta 2018 art and science fair will be held at Maison MINATEC on February 8–10, 2018. A total of 23 systems designed by scientists and artists will be on display this year and are expected to bring in the usual crowds. Visitors will also be able to take advantage of ten panel talks: three on Wednesday, February 7 (professionals only) and Thursday, February 8 will address artificial intelligence and its effects on society. Another hot topic, world domination by the four global tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (“GAFA”), will be addressed on the morning of Saturday, February 10. Also on Saturday—and not to be missed—will be a “blended reality” short-film screening featuring two live dancers in a mysterious virtual world. The director and dancers will be on hand to recount how the unusual project started and reveal a few of the secrets behind the breathtaking production.

Contact: eliane.sausse@theatre-hexagone.eu

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