MRAM on stage at MINATEC this summer

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Published : 1 April 2014

The InMRAM 2014 summer school, organized by Spintec for the second year running, will be held at MINATEC on July 2–4. Participants will get an introduction to magnetic random access memory (MRAM).
Ph.D. students, research scientists, and engineers are eligible to register. The purpose of the summer school is to introduce professionals with “traditional” microelectronics backgrounds to MRAM physics, materials, and fabrication processes.
This year’s program includes two introductory tutorials to ensure that the lectures that follow are well-suited to participants’ prior knowledge of the subject. Also new is a guest speaker from Yole Développement, a strategy consultancy specializing in emerging silicon technologies, who will provide a comparison of the different non-volatile memory technologies.

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