CMOS 300 mm qubits can take the heat

Categorie(s) : Research

Published : 5 February 2018

Following the excellent results obtained in 2017 on CMOS 300 mm qubits, INAC and Leti continue to push the envelope in research conducted under a new European project coordinated by the CEA, MOS-QUITO.* The challenge is now to improve the CMOS qubit by using two electrons placed in two opposite corners of a square-profiled nanowire. The researchers will also attempt to operate the qubit at 1 K instead of at 0.1 K to boost the cryogenic power. The very-long-term goal would be to produce and manipulate thousands (or millions, even) of qubits at cold temperatures. In the shorter term, MOS-QUITO will provide an assessment of the benefits of the CMOS qubit compared to other options (SiGe, superconductor, photons, cold atoms, etc.). At this stage, all are still in the running for tomorrow’s quantum computers.

*SISPIN, the previous project, won a Stars of Europe Award


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