Graphene ultracapacitor achieves record performance

Categorie(s) : Research

Published : 5 February 2018

Researchers at INAC doped sheets of graphene with nitrogen in an ECR-CVD reactor,* obtaining a record atomic concentration of 17% nitrogen. The graphene sheets were then used to make a button-battery-format ultracapacitor. The ultracapacitor offers state-of-the-art power and energy levels, is very stable, and can power a LED for seven minutes on just a twenty-second charge. Plus, the system only requires a few micrograms of graphene. The sheets are grown, and then doped with nitrogen in the same reactor. The graphene sheets, porous and perpendicular to the silicon substrate, provide an ideal exchange surface, which explains the ultracapacitor’s excellent performance.

*Electron cyclotron resonance-chemical vapor deposition


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