A Chair of Excellence for MAX phases

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Published : 3 April 2017

Michel Barsoum of Drexel University’s (Philadelphia) Materials Science and Engineering Department has just been appointed to the Grenoble-Alpes University-Fondation Nanosciences Chair of Excellence to pursue his research on MAX phases. Barsoum will create two-dimensional systems from a new family of composites, MXenes. MXenes, which offer some extraordinary properties, are obtained by etching a MAX phase (a nanolayered material). Because they are conductive, strong, and transparent, they could be used to make two-dimensional electronics for applications in the energy storage and biomedical markets.

Grenoble’s INAC, Institut Néel, and LMGP bring together a unique combination of resources and know-how. LMGP is the only laboratory in the world that can synthesize monocrystalline MAX phase, for example.

Contact: thierry.ouisse@grenoble-inp.fr

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