A close-up look at how materials behave between –80°C and 600°C

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Published : 1 June 2015

The Nanocharacterization Platform’s heating cell can be used to measure the properties of materials between –80°C and 600°C under controlled atmospheres. And, when coupled with ellipsometers, the thickness and the optical index of thin films can also be measured. Alternatively, Raman spectrometers can be added to study materials’ crystalline properties.

Temperature measurements are particularly useful when they can be taken in situations that replicate the fluctuations characteristic of industrial processes or operating conditions without having to run multiple tests. The scientists monitored, for example, the recrystallization of a thin film of amorphous silicon at 550°C to determine the optimal length of time for the procedure. They are now investigating polymers and phase-change materials for memory.

Contact: christophe.licitra@cea.fr

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