A human-body model for electromagnetic wave propagation

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Published : 6 October 2014

Leti has developed an electromagnetic-wave propagation model to help improve the performance of BANs (Body Area Networks). The human body blocks electromagnetic waves and can have a considerable impact on wave behavior.
The research involved taking several series of measurements at around 2.45 GHz. The experimental data were used to create a model that takes into account the impact of the subject’s movements, the system’s position, the type of antenna, and the antenna’s radiation pattern on wave propagation around a human body.
The development originated from doctoral research done by Ramona Rosini, a Ph.D. student splitting her time between Leti and the University of Bologna, Italy. The research has been presented at around ten international scientific conferences and will be included in the COST Action IC1004.

* ou Body Area Networks (BAN)

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