A pressure sensor that knows what fl oor you’re on

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Published : 8 December 2015

Leti’s M&NEMS technology just keeps on giving, this time in the form of a pressure sensor that is as accurate as the best available capacitive sensors, and even more powerful in terms of linearity and insensitivity to parasite capacities.

The sensor can be coupled with M&NEMS accelerometers, gyrometers, and magnetometers on a single chip that could be used to power a pedestrian navigation system that works inside buildings where GPS signals cannot penetrate. The pressure sensor can detect changes in altitude of just ten centimeters—a degree of precision suffi cient for letting users know what fl oor they are on, even in the world’s largest shopping malls and airports. The sensor’s full chacterization will be completed by year’s end. One patent application has been filed.

Contact: patrice.rey@cea.fr


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