A truly miniature high-resolution magnetometer

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Published : 1 June 2012

Leti has developed a miniature version of its high-resolution helium 4 magnetometer that offers state-of-the-art sensitivity on a gas sample of just 100 mm3, or 320 times smaller than the full-size model. Leti, which carried out the development work in association with FEMTO-ST (a CNRS joint research unit), has filed a patent for a process that would make the tiny magnetometer isotropic—the first of its kind at this scale.
Leti’s miniature devices are lighter, cheaper, and less energy-hungry than conventional magnetometers, making them ideal for applications in aerospace and defense. They can also function at room temperature. Biotech research center Clinatec is looking at the possibility of using Leti’s new magnetometers to replace the liquid-helium-cooled ones currently used in magnetocardiography and magnetoencephalography.

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